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Recommended tourist spot near the hotel

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A Valentine Park selected by the “Sacred Heart of Lovers”, which has been certified 100 places throughout the country. There are tennis courts, pools, grounds, libraries, etc.In addition, there are farming experience facilities that can enjoy with Yunogo Onsen and children in the outskirts.
  • Beautiful satoyama park

    In Mimasaka City, to conserve the rich natural landscape, in order to effective use, it has established a forest of about 5K㎡ in the vicinity of government offices Mimasaka City as "beautiful woodlands park".The once dark and dense forest has been transformed into a bright forest by renewal felling, paved with stairs and wood chips, and there are benches and tables in the square, which can be used as a hiking course through the forest.
    You can feel nature closer to animals and plants that live in Satoyama.
  • Neighborhood tourist information

    • Valentine Park

      We have an International sisters relationship with the St.Valentine City of St.Valentine City France on the theme of "love". Entering Emi-no-Machi of Emi-no-Machi, you will see a church spire and a French-style housing group on the hill.This is the city's symbol Valentine Park Sakuto.
      Here, Sakuto Barentai Sakuto Culture and Arts Center Valentine Plaza Oudo-no-Niwa, tennis court, St. Valentine Fountain of Love Shorin-ji Kenpo Memorial Hall, Sakuto B & G Marine Center (pool), and the like there.

    • Yunogo Sagi Onsenkan

      Yunogo Onsen Motoyu Yunogo Sagi Onsen is located in Mimasaka City of Okayama, the old days Ennin Hoshi alias - Sagi-no-Yu the heron in this land is said to have discovered a look at the heal the wound of the foot Sagi-no-Yu is a famous hot spring which is known nationwide as a hot spring. Meiji (time period) is a facility where you can take a day trip as a hot spring of everyone's healing (Yuzuri).
      ※Closed 2nd Wednesday every month (the first Wednesday in August, the national holiday next day)
    • Japan Museum of Contemporary Toy·Hall of Music Box

      Collection of a music box more than 100 years ago that has inspired toys and people around the world.Karakuri doll etc. 600 wooden toys overseas are displayed.
      "Music Box Concert" that makes me feel enthralled by the sound of the music box 100 years ago, Omocha Tour which introduce Toy stories and how to play is held everyday.In the atelier in the facility, it is possible to freely make toys with the materials of work and materials brought in at the shop.In addition, some play rooms can actually be played with the toys that are in possession.
    • Musashi no Sato[Former Ohara Town]

      It is approximately 15 minutes by car.
      The birthplace of Miyamoto Musashi.Musashi gymnasium and so on.
      (The Gorinbo and Musashi Museums have been closed since April 1, 3rd year of Reiwa.)
    • Okayama Farmers Market

      30 minutes by car.
      This is a new style of interactive experience facility created by urban and rural areas, or consumers and producers to deepen mutual exchange through mutual awareness of rich natural environment through agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
      South Village in Nadasaki Town, Minami Ward, Okayama City, Nadasaki Town, Minami Ward, Okayama City, Nadasaki Town, Minami Ward, Okayama City Prefecture, North Village in Shoocho, prefecture North.There are two Farmers' Market with different individualities in the representative agricultural zone of Okayama prefecture.You can enjoy admission free of charge.
    • NagiMOCA (Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art)

      It is approximately 20 minutes by car.
      Mt Nagi is a modern art museum built by the foot of Mt Nagi, an architect, Isozaki, newly produced.There are three exhibition rooms named "Taiyo", “Tsuki”"Daichi", and the design is impressive so that you can understand the theme of each room from the outside at a glance.
      Arakawa Shusaku&Madeline Gins, Okazaki Kazuo, Miyawaki Aiko Masters of artists' works are on exhibition.These works dared to conceive works that can not be collected at conventional museums, and completed as spatial works with architects.We are creating a unique world where modern art, buildings and landscapes are integrated.I feel "something" by putting myself in that space, a new type of art museum that I could do for the first time in the world.
    • Hyogo Prefectural Nishi Harima Astronomical Observatory

      It is approximately 40 minutes by car.
      The Astronomical Observatory is held every evening, and participants can observe late-night celestial bodies by using accommodation facilities in the park etc.Astronomy lectures are held as needed from time to time.
      As the public telescope that can be used by the public, there is the Yuta telescope which is the world's largest (it can capture the light of 10 billion light years ahead).
      Meteorites etc are exhibited in the hall, and observation is free.
    • Okayama Agricultural Park Doitsu-no-mori

      It is approximately 70 minutes by car.
      A theme park that imagines a German-style rural village.
      There are also orchards and vegetable fields of grapes, centered on wineries and townscapes in the German countryside, agricultural products processing places, restaurants and others.There are also many recreational facilities for families to relax, including Western-style gardens, horse-riding course, Miniature Golf Course and bicycle plazas.
    • Himeji Castle

      Approximately 60 minutes by car
      Is a national treasure Himeji Castle Heisei (time period) 1993, together with Horyuji in Nara, was the first of the world cultural heritage in Japan.The World Heritage Sites currently designated include the Egyptian pyramid, Versailles Palace in France, and the the Great Wall China. Everything has artistic value and only symbolizes the times, and Himeji Castle got a reputation as a historic site building representative of Japanese castle building in the early 17th century.Alias ​​"Shirasagi Castle" is called.
    • Kurashiki City (Bikan District)

      Approximately 90 minutes by car
      "Kurashiki" which is famous for "the town of white wall" and "the town of Culture".Edo (time period), a town of merchants who flourished as a temple.
      Among them, the townscape of Kurashiki Fine View District, Honmachi, and Higashimachi still strongly conveys the old atmosphere. The house of white wall, the style of Edo (time period) the architectural style of the town, the canyon trees along the Kurashiki River river ... Such a symbolic landscape of Kurashiki matches well in every season.
    • Korakuen

      Approximately 90 minutes by car
      Okayama Clan the second Feudal Lord Tsunamasa Ikeda in about 300 years ago Okayama Clan the second Feudal Lord Tsunamasa Ikeda Tsunamasa Ikeda is the garden, which was created as a place of peace of the lord.
      Meiji (time period) 1871, the Ikeda-ke changed "Goko-en" to "Korakuen" and in 2005 transferred it to Okayama prefecture for the purpose of conserving the national park.Initially it was released as a prefectural office attachment, not a park, so we made prescriptions such as sunset closure gate and saved it.Is specified in the scenic spot in Taisho (time period), in Showa (time period) it was designated as a special scenic spot by the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties.Edo (time period) is loved by many people as a garden that conveys the fantasy of the Edo (time period), together with the Kanazawa Kenrokuen Kanazawa and the Kairaku-en Mito is called "Japan's Top 3 Parks" and is now familiar as the Japan's Top 3 Parks of Japan.
    • Tsuyama City

      Approximately 45 minutes by car
      Kakuzan Park which is selected as Japan's Top 100 Sakura viewing Spots.
      In the middle of the 17th century Meireki era, the Shuraku-en, which is a Daimyo Garden created simulating the Sento Gosho in Kyoto.Edo (time period) prospered along the Izumo Kaido (highway), where merchants stayed eaves.Is specified in the streets save the district over 1.2km, miss attractions now be followed from the time established is in history, such as to have Jotocho, par save district open.
      Also, in recent years it is famous as a town of hormone udon.
    • Hiruzen Plateau

      Approximately 90 minutes by car
      It is a highland area with an altitude of about 500 m to 600 m, one of the resort areas representing West Nippon.Kansai District is also called Karuizawa Kansai District, and there are also ranch for the biggest Jeysey cattle in Japan.Outdoor such as cycling · camp · barbecue · horse riding · skiing, sightseeing, experiences, amusement facilities, plenty.
    • Tottori sand dunes

      Approximately 100 minutes by car
      Tottori Sand Dune which is known for having the largest ups and downs in Japan, Tottori Prefecture Eastern Part Tottori Sand Dune which is known for having the largest ups and downs in Japan is located in Tottori City, a town on the Coast of Sea of Japan of the Coast of Sea of Japan of Coast of Sea of Japan Tottori Prefecture Eastern Part of Sanin and Tottori Prefecture Eastern Part, with a length of 16km east-west, 2km north-south, and 47m maximum undulations.Tottori sand dunes, you can see the fantastic 'wind sculptures' and 'grilling' created by nature.
      Enjoy outdoor sports such as paragliding and experience such as mini guided tour at the camel and tour of the sand dunes by camel.
    • Oyama

      Approximately 90 minutes by car
      The highest peak in the Chugoku Region.One of the largest scale Seiso Fukusei Kazan in Daisencho, Hokicho, Kofucho - Kotouracho, Yonago City, Kurayoshi City, Hokueicho and Okayama Prefecture Maniwa City in Tottori prefecture.Hoki Daisen is also called Hoki Daisen.
      Chugoku Region heart is healed by the coastline that draws a beautiful bow shape, the idyllic pasture landscape, centering on Shuho and Oyama in Chugoku Region Shuho.
    • Tottori hanakairo

      Approximately 90 minutes by car
      Tottori Hana Kairo is Tsuruda, Nanbu Town, Saihaku County, Tottori Prefecture's largest flower park in Tsuruda, Nanbu Town, Saihaku County, Tottori Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture.Features a covered corridor with a total length of 1 km.You can enjoy flowers and plants any time without being influenced by the weather and the season.
      In addition, the fantastic Night Garden "Moonlight Flower Garden" is also popular.