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  • Please enjoy the carefully selected ingredients and craftsmanship with refreshing space colored green and flowers.

    Hospitable two important guests with the truly hearty cuisine.We will help you with an unforgettable reception with creative Japanese cuisine.You can choose from "Japanese & Western mixed", "Set buffet", "Buffet".
  • Creative Japanese Cuisine

    For the creative Japanese cuisine by the hotel chef, we will prepare a selection menu so that we can be glad about the guests as well as the two, including the course menu.

    menu(An example)
    ·Two-color caviar with crab and scallop ·Assortment of celebrations  ·Osaka  ·Seasonal egg custard
    ·Omar shrimp thermidor ·Tempura assortment ·Domestic beef steak with truffle foie gras ·sushi ·Soup ·Dessert ·Coffee
  • A cuisine to maximize hospitality for important guests.
    A hotel staff will cherish seriously one dish you made to make chefs happy for everyone to our customers.

    Of course, "Restaurant Porte Bonheur" as well as the party venue "Notoka", the back yards are connected directly to the kitchen so the chef will finish the dish according to the progress of the customer.That Valentine Hotel why the cuisine of the Valentine Hotel has been well received.