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Wedding Chapel

Wedding Chapel, Towa Hole

  • Virgin road of pleasure walking with happiness

    Towa Hole that sunshine through stained glass accommodates up to 80 people.
    To the solemn space, the green trees and the staircases where the seasonal flowers bloom are invited.

    Before the wedding ceremony, with the feeling of gratitude to the people who supported the life up until now, after the wedding ceremony, the joy of the life walking by the two of us will be caressed, step by step to the hearts of our two people "forever Please engrave the love of.
  • Wedding style

    A solemn stage where the soft sun is falling.

    It is important guests to approve their marriage."People's Ceremony" that creates a stage once in a lifetime with the original program.
    "Christian expression" which swears eternal love to God by proceeding with the pastor's command.

    The distance between the two of you and the guests who are indebted to me is so close that I am moved even more.
    Here the Towa Hole is a religious building so you can come up with the style you desire
  • Production·item

    Wedding Chapel it is a big stairway of admiration that continues to the Wedding Chapel, it is possible to produce various styles.

    The sound of the Sankaku Yane no Carillon (Swing Bell) played by the two of you and 12 bells perform a blessing song.After that, we will prepare a hotel based in the nature, including a flower shower, a flying balloon that fly into the blue sky, a crash balloon, and the salute which wish wedding couple's godspeed.