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Wedding information

  • January / February 2019 To the two who are considering a wedding

     In January / February 2019 Special consideration for wedding guests to consider!
     Wedding fee ¥ 118,800 is free (0 yen)!

     For those who would like detailed stories etc please contact us by phone etc. Telephone 0868-75-1115

    of course! Wedding consultation is always accepted at the Valentine Hotel.
    Please feel free to tell me any questions / troubles.

     ◆ Please tell "You saw HP!"

Valentine Wedding ~ Only one wedding ceremony a day in the world! ~

  • All the hotel staff will produce the best of the two of you.We will be happy to help you memorable time.

Towa hall Wedding Chapel, Towa Hole

  • Green Towa Hole standing on a dazzling Small hill
    It is wrapped in sunshine through the stained glass and becomes a stage of a warm ceremony.
  • Virgin road of pleasure walking with happiness

    Towa Hole that sunshine through stained glass accommodates up to 80 people.To the solemn space, the green trees and the staircases where the seasonal flowers bloom are invited.

    Before the wedding ceremony, with the feeling of gratitude to the people who supported the life up until now, after the wedding ceremony, the joy of the life walking by the two of us will be caressed, step by step to the hearts of our two people "forever Please engrave the love of.

Banquet, Wedding Reception Hall

  • We are limited to one pair per day at one venue.You can direct original wedding with only two people.
    We will welcome you with carefully selected dishes and warm hospitality.
  • Party room "Notoka" which made various director equipment.
    On the latest 4k compatible projector & 230 inch screen you can enjoy memorable videos, celebratory messages etc with guests.Maximum number of people, 110 people.

    Door to Happiness"Restaurant Porte Bonheur"
    It is possible to have a party with a feeling of liberation while feeling warm sunshine.Cake cutting using garden, directing such as balloon release is also popular.Maximum number of people, 40 people

Cuisine food

  • Please enjoy the carefully selected ingredients and craftsmanship with refreshing space colored green and flowers.
  • Hospitality to the guests who are important from the two of you with gratitude feeling is the dish you cooked that the chef genuinely put in.

    For "French cuisine" and "Creative Japanese cuisine" for the remaining wedding reception, I will help you.
  • Experience report

    Senior couple introduction & impressions are an introduction!

    The circumstances of the senior couple who chose the Sakuto Valentine Hotel....
    We will deliver the voice of the couple who swore love in the lover's sanctuary.

    We asked the couple who wore the ceremony at Sakuto Valentine the impression of the reception!