【Official】Sakuto Valentine Hotel

It is an auberge-like Petit Resort Hotel surrounded by mountains, standing on a slightly Small hill

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  • 1.06 million sunflower fields!

    In Sayo Town of neighboring Hyogo Prefecture, sunflowers are scheduled to bloom sequentially in six districts in the town from early July to early August this year. The Hozouji district opened on Friday, July 5th.

    The sunflowers grown by farmers in the six districts of the town grow rapidly and grow rapidly for about 60 days, and they will be in full swing from the beginning of July.
    Enjoy the different and unique views of the sunflowers in the six districts.

    Specifically, please see Sayo town official web site
  • Ajisai Temple, also known as about 5,000 shares of hydrangea

    Around 5,000 temples are planted in the vicinity of the temple, and it is also known as an ajisai temple. In early summer, the hydrangea blooms, and in the early morning when it gets wet in the rain, it has a taste other than the unusual.
    Sakuto Valentine Hotel is approximately 15 minutes from Sakuto Valentine Hotel!

    Address : 〒 709-4213, Okayama Prefecture Mimasaka City Daisyoji 1
    Tel : 0868-76-0001 (Daisho-ji)
    Access(car) : About 15 minutes from Chugoku Expressway Sakuto IC
    Parking : Yes, charge during the hydrangea flower festival period)

    Season of hydrangea: The best view of the year mid-June

    After hydrangea, have lunch at the Valentine Hotel!
    ※Please contact us in advance as there are reservations, etc., 0868 (75) 1115
  • 【 New arrival! 】 "January February is a wedding price price down!" & "High-speed fee discount"

    Special present for two people considering a wedding ceremony in January and February 2020!
    Wedding expenses are available at a special price ¥ 0! It is the first 8 pairs!

     In addition, I want to reduce the burden of the two who can raise a wedding even a little! The thought of such a Wending planner has become a form!

    ◆ Section from the nearest inter IC to the Sakuto IC
    ◆ Do you know the usage fee for the total of 3 round trips?
    ◆ Discount limit, ・If you use a banquet, 20,000 Yen
               · If you use a restaurant, 10,000 yen
    ※Both have terms of use. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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