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It is an auberge-like Petit Resort Hotel surrounded by mountains, standing on a slightly Small hill

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  • Recommended "Sakura" information!

    Signs of spring are approaching day by day!
    Valentine Hotel No. 1 spot in the nearby "Sakura" spot recommended by the staff at the Valentine Hotel····

    It is "A row of cherry blossom trees in Valentine park"!

    Speaking of neighborhoods, there are famous cherry blossoms such as “Tsuruyama Park”, which has been selected as one of the 100 most famous cherry blossom spots in Japan, 1000-year-old trees, “one cherry blossoms” with a single cherry blossom that soars in the mountain village. Minutes! Many people come during the Hanami season.

    It is forecast to bloom in late March, so please come!
  • Okayama prefecture north, Neighbor 'Hina Festival' information!

    "Hina Matsuri" praying for the healthy growth of girls.
    It has become popular as an event to let you know about the arrival of spring and there are many places to be held in regions in recent years! Information of the nearby "Hina Festival" is here!

    "Hinamachi Hinamachi Festival"
    Duration: Heisei (time period) March 30(Saturday), The 31st (Sunday)
    A festival held every year in the old town in Furumachi (Furumachi). Old ladies are lined up in the houses and stores of the Furumachi town area preservation district where the townscape of the former Inaba Highway Oharajuku remains.

    "Tsuyama castle town chicken"
    Duration: March 1, 2019(Money)~ April 3 (water)※The opening date varies depending on the venue.
    Tsuyama central shopping district, various chicks will be exhibited. Mini concerts and other events as well!
  • Celebrate the fruit kingdom Okayama strawberries!

    Okayama prefecture where fruit production such as peach and Muscat is thriving is also called "fruit kingdom".
    Recommended in such a kingdom Now is an introduction of the "strawberry hunting spot"!

    【, Mimasaka Farm, 】
    Tourist plantation of strawberries and grape hunting. It is a sightseeing plant that can enjoy strawberries in winter and spring and grape hunting from summer to fall in winter.
    You can also enjoy delicious sweets.

     Address, 〒 701-2605, Okuyama prefecture Mimasaki-shi back 585-1
     Tel, 0868-74-3887 (Mimasaka Farm)
     season, Strawberry Picking: From December 1, 2018 to early June 2019

    Please see the official website for details!

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