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  • 11 Prefectural Fukuoku Round Trip | Rain Rain Reconstruction Campaign

    Stay safe at reasonable prices!

    "11 Prefectural Fuukou Round-trip Discount" consists of Gifu, Kyoto (excluding Kyoto), Hyogo, Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Ehime, Kochi and Fukuoka prefectures, It is a country's tourism reconstruction support system that gives grants of up to 6,000 yen per person per person for those who have "stayed over 2 prefectures and more than 2 nights"!

    Acceptance period: Heisei (time period) August 28 days later, (end as soon reached the ※ budget) new to the reserved travel is subject

    Object Travel Period: Heisei (time period) August 31 (Friday) from November 30 (Friday)

    For details, please visit "11 Prefectural Reconstruction Shopping Spree Notice Site"!
  • Catch Okayama fruits!

    Okayama's "grape" · · ··Okayama 's climate is growing variety of grapes, new varieties are also born one after another!

    Muscat with an elegant scent and refreshing flavor, New Pione characterized by thick and thick sweetness and seedless, a popular variety of grapes eaten by skin "Shine Muscat", Okayama grape with various varieties.
     Characteristics such as characteristic taste, high sugar content, ease of eating, etc. are creating extraordinary labor, such as thinning out the extra bud, thinning and bagging.

    Here is the farm where you can do grape hunting in Okayama ↓

    "Okayama journey net", https: //www.okayama-kanko.jp/fruit/budou.html#2

    Tasty Okayama peach please!
  • Recommended autumn trip! , A delicious dealful "monitor plan"!

      A great season has arrived! It is an introduction of autumn special recommendation plan.
     Enjoy chef's cuisine, which has been well received by customers who used the Valentine Hotel, at the monitor price!
     In addition, this monitor plan has late check-out (maximum 12:00) with many customer's requests as privileges!

     ·French full course monitor plan, from \ 10,000
     ·Luxury French monitor plan, from \ 11,000
     ·Wa-Ocean Kai Cuisine Monitor plan, ¥ 10,500

     ※Please cooperate with the simple questionnaire equipped in the guest room!

     We are waiting for everyone's visit.

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