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  • We would like to express our sincere condolences to those who suffered from this heavy rain disaster

     We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to everyone who was suffering from this heavy rain in West Nippon and to all of their families.
     We pray for your safety and earnest recovery from the devastated area from the bottom of my heart.
     I pray for the lives of all affected people to recover as soon as possible.

                                                Sakuto Valentine Hotel
  • A star falls in the night

    On the hill where the Valentine Hotel is standing here is the best spot to see the starry sky with few lights around.Can not you enjoy the shining stars looking up at the leisurely sky?

    ◆, Starry sky schedule

     July 28, Total lunar eclipse, "Monthly incoming meal"
     July 31, Mars approaches the earth very closely
     Around August 15, Perseid meteor shower

    There are plenty of things such as☆
    Please have a wonderful time on a star falling hill.
  • Summer vacation recommended spot part 1 【1 million sunflower fields】

    I heard a news from the news of the rainy season!
    The summer has already come soon!
    So I love you guys This is an introduction of the recommended spot for summer vacation!

    "Nanko Himawari festival"
    In the sunflower town and Sayo-cho Nanko area next to Mimasaka City, the total area of ​​about 6 ha of the town is shifted in time / district from early July to early August, and about 1 2 million sunflowers bloom To do.And, in the middle of July the "Himawari Festival" will be held.

    【Street address】 Hyogo Prefecture Sayo-gun Sayo-cho Hayashizaki 839 Nanko Sports Park Surroundings
    【Period】 Beginning date Early July 2018 - Early August

    Click here for details

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